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MunaI - Ki bands of poweR

The Path of the Compassionate Initiation

Day Workshop for Men and Women

The Munai-Ki meaning 'energy of love' are the nine traditional rites of passage into the shamanic lineage of the Qero people of the high Andes of Peru. As taught by anthropologist Alberto Villoldo these rites open gateways into our DNA.

A Ceremonial workshop from the Inka tradition offered by an experienced, authorized teacher.These ancient Ceremonial Rites given are highly appropriate for these challenging times.

The Bands of Power will bring remarkable protection for the whole being and a stronger Life force and energy, whilst the Seers rites awakens the eyes of the heart and deep perception as it opens the inner visions.

These ancient Inka Power rituals of which there are nine can only be given by those who have received all nine and have been trained in their protocol as they change the DNA.

The first two may be given over one workshop, these are The Bands of Power and Protection and the Kawak Seers Rites, they work to enrich and awaken the Chakra system. These two powerful ceremonies are accompanied by special music, the sacred Chumpi stones and we create Sacred Space by calling upon the illumined ones.

This a path of beauty for both the giver and receiver.

"Thank you for a magical time, it has been a wonderful experience and a great pleasure to work with you."

Sarah L. Complimentary Therapist

Workshop Details


1st April 2023


£55 - One Day Workshop

Workshop Leader:

Eliana Harvey & the Shamanka Team


The home of Shamanka Healing in Dorset


07776 184967

Personal Vision of Eliana Harvey,
Founder of Shamanka

In 1990 I established 'Shamanka’, now recognised as the only internationally known school dedicated uniquely to women’s shamanism. My personal quest has been for the recovery and reweaving of ancient shamanic knowledge, and the hidden teachings of the women’s mysteries.


Shamanka is located at Middle Piccadilly set in a rural location in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Details on application.


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