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Every woman on a spiritual path should experience the Magic of a Vision Quest at least once in their life.
In the beautiful Dorset countryside on a sacred site you will be carefully prepared and guided by an experienced leader to discover a deepening of spirit and find a richer purpose in life. This brings a sense of oneness with all life and our place in it as luminous beings and eternal spirits, so we find a place of depth and awareness at this point on our evolutionary journey.

Resting on our own Mother Earth, Pachamama, and protected by your stone Medicine Wheel will allow the darkness to take you to your inner visions overlighted by the softness of the moon, Mama Quilla, and in the starry heavens above you, the star Nations, Hatun Chaska.


  • Vision Quest Teachings, Protocols and Protection
  • Finding your Questing Place on the Land
  • Stones for your Medicine Wheel
  • How to build a Sacred Fire
  • Sitting in Nature....


Debriefing and each person will create a Medicine Shield to honour their visions and as a gift to you all, materials will be supplied using willow hoops, natural hides, willow and paints. Please bring along any feathers that you would wish to use.

"You will grow beyond your wildest imaginings"

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2021 TBC



Workshop Leader:

Mary Berezin


Middle Piccadilly and the Sacred Land


07776 184967

Personal Vision of Eliana Harvey,
Founder of Shamanka

In 1990 I established 'Shamanka’, now recognised as the only internationally known school dedicated uniquely to women’s shamanism. My personal quest has been for the recovery and reweaving of ancient shamanic knowledge, and the hidden teachings of the women’s mysteries.


Shamanka is located at Middle Piccadilly set in a rural location in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Details on application.


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