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Learn heart-based techniques to become more 'present' during client interactions and for helping people to heal and move on in their lives. The teachings use the concepts of embodiment and re-enactment, the 'felt sense', power points and decoding of natures signs and symbols.

Weekend Workshop

Sometimes an individual experiences past shocks - childhood trauma, grief, bereavement, accident or illness, relationship or work issues - which can lead to ongoing and un-useful life patterns. At its worst they might re-enact these experiences in everyday life to try and obtain resolution. Boundaries and knowing where the individual stops and everything else starts often become problematic. Whilst professionals, family and carers can become proficient 'gate-keepers' preventing these individuals from reaching their life goals.

Indigenous shamans diagnose and treat people in ways alternative to Western medicine. They focus on helping people to feel. Similar to a gestalt these indigenous healers help us access feelings like fear, anger and joy through initiations, rites and techniques such as mindless jabber until we give in to what is stored in our heart. The felt sense enables us to change and resonate with our surroundings. We go beyond the physical senses, thought, language and emotion and let our body's internal awareness (posture, internal tension, movements and temperature) give us information.

South American prophecies speak of new learning paths where 'Everything must be carried out simply and easily. Theory is not in our path, we progress through action and example. We are not guided by the mind or emotion, rather the intelligence of the heart.' Quoted from Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks. Through story we will touch on the quest of the hero as a model for growth where we face and process our fears, traumas and/or losses. We will work together to identify a core goal then intuit a relevant place for healing and support based on a reading of our individual needs. This may be in a location known for its healing properties or power points on the land. Teaching will be supported by appropriate indigenous methods such as transmission of archetypal energies via rites and ceremony.

Awakening reorders the body leading to deeper levels of self-knowing and empowerment. This experiential training will help you to understand how you have embodied a shock and trauma, own any re-enactments and see how the external environment has mirrored your internal world. You will learn to feel more, trust your senses, connect with key parts of your body and the land (in your local community) and open up to the value of release. At the end of the training you will be able to use these tools in your self-development practice.

The trainers have experience in working with people to identify the roots of their problems and issues. Establishing links between those issues and their current situation and uncovering the feelings connected with them, with a view to finding solutions. This may include people who have suffered accident, illness and disability, trauma, drug and alcohol addiction and sexual issues. Trainers will have worked with a wide variety of professionally qualified staff, shamanic and alternative practitioners in different clinical and learning environments.

This is an introductory course in a shamanic skills series. Advanced courses will be offered at a later date. In the meantime if you wish to gain further skills there is the possibility of mentoring and supervision to help you to become proficient.

Learning pre-requisites

This is an introductory level course for people with a shamanic, alternative therapy or professional healing qualification.

To have read Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma - Peter A Levine and Needles of Stone - Tom Graves


"I found it to be powerful and integrating."


Workshop Details


9th - 10th September 2017


£165 each workshop

Workshop Leaders:

Jenny Chapman and Associate


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Personal Vision of Eliana Harvey,
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In 1990 I established 'Shamanka’, now recognised as the only internationally known school dedicated uniquely to women’s shamanism. My personal quest has been for the recovery and reweaving of ancient shamanic knowledge, and the hidden teachings of the women’s mysteries.


Shamanka is located at Middle Piccadilly set in a rural location in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Details on application.


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