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Munay Ki

The Path of the Compassionate Initiation

Weekend Workshop for Men and Women

The Munay-Ki meaning 'energy of love' are the nine traditional rites of passage into the shamanic lineage of the Qero people of the high Andes of Peru. As taught by anthropologist Alberto Villoldo these rites open gateways into our DNA.

The training will teach you to learn the form of nine initiation rites. You will learn how to attune and transmit by invoking sacred space, use of your breath and fire ceremony for successful energy transmission. At the end of the training you will be able to gift these rites to others and assist your clients or loved ones. This includes installing protections in their energy field and starting the process of transformation to awaken their innate wisdom and re-connect them with the divine feminine and mother earth.

The Munay-Ki rites heal us and transform our energy field. These ancient initiations contain codes for you to live free of fear and to be in contact with your luminous nature. The rites include the foundation rites (Healer's Rite, Bands of Power, Harmony Rite and Seer Rite), linage rites (Day Keeper, Wisdom Keeper, Earth Keeper) and the Star Keeper's Rite and Creator's Rite.

Prophecies speak of a new human appearing on the planet. For this to happen we must grow a brand-new body that ages, heals and dies differently. The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) is the code that instructs our DNA. To become Homo Luminous we must empower the newest version of these codes. The ancient Munay-Ki rites are transmitted directly into our LEF.

This a path of beauty for both the giver and receiver.

Each participant will be given a working manual.

"Thank you for a magical time, it has been a wonderful experience and a great pleasure to work with you."

Sarah L. Complimentary Therapist

Workshop Details


3rd/4th June 2017

30th/1st October 2017

25th/26th November 2017


£160 per weekend

Workshop Leader:

Sandy Pennell with help of Jenny Chapman


The home of Shamanka Healing in Dorset


07825 051048

Personal Vision of Eliana Harvey,
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In 1990 I established 'Shamanka’, now recognised as the only internationally known school dedicated uniquely to women’s shamanism. My personal quest has been for the recovery and reweaving of ancient shamanic knowledge, and the hidden teachings of the women’s mysteries.


Shamanka is located in a rural location in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Details on application.


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