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You are invited to walk through a magical doorway into the heart of what it means to be human. Find your essential life purpose through a unique and transformational training programme for getting in touch with your natural intuitive gifts and inner wisdom. During this day long workshop you will be introduced to a fulfilling journey of knowledge and wisdom including:

  • What is Shamanism: A brief history and its relevance to today’s world.
  • Shamanic Tools: Drums, rattles and smudging/cleansing techniques.
  • The Ceremonial Circle: Invoking Sacred space and making it safe space.
  • The living Medicine Wheel as a map for physical, mental and spiritual healing.
  • Techniques for journeying (shamanic meditation) and altered awareness.
  • Find your spirit animal / guide.
  • Link yourself to the universal living energy web that is all around us and in every living thing.
  • Sacred Reciprocity – the act of giving and receiving.
  • Gratitude for the life we are part of.

Yourself, a water bottle with a secure top, a pen and pad to make notes, a found stone approximately the size of the palm of your hand, a drum or rattle if you have one but please, nothing valuable.

For more information or registering please contact Shamanka on 01963 23468

"Let the magic begin!"

Workshop Details


9th March 2019



Workshop Leader:

Mary Berezin


Neals Yard Remedies, 27 Market Walk, Salisbury, SP1 1TL


01963 23468

Personal Vision of Eliana Harvey,
Founder of Shamanka

In 1990 I established 'Shamanka’, now recognised as the only internationally known school dedicated uniquely to women’s shamanism. My personal quest has been for the recovery and reweaving of ancient shamanic knowledge, and the hidden teachings of the women’s mysteries.


Shamanka is located at Middle Piccadilly set in a rural location in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Details on application.


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